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Procreate Coloring Book - ADHD

Procreate Coloring Book - ADHD

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The Book has the colors, you draw the lines and details! Reverse coloring is the NEW mindfulness activity for the creative ADHD brain. Simple and satisfying without being overwhelmed with details. LITERALLY! Trace the shapes, draw in doodles and details, trace the hand lettered quotes. Each page is an invitation to slow down and calm your mind.  Because it's "reverse coloring"  there are no lines to stay inside.  Empowering your artistic side of the brain, releasing all those happy feelings.

Want to learn Procreate?! This book is perfect! Download into your procreate app and doodle! Practice pressure, brush stroke and style. Best way to learn is by doing. With this, you can practice over and over! 

With unique hand lettering style, these  pages of unfinished doodle designs provide a visual for your own creative art.  
This is a digital eBook, 15 pages, you can use over and over again!  


*selling of digital file is prohibited-all rights reserved.  
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