2022 Christmas gift guide for adults with ADHD

2022 Christmas gift guide for adults with ADHD

Five practical gift ideas for an adult with ADHD. If you love someone with ADHD and wonder what you could get them this holiday season, this is the article for you!  As a late diagnosis ADHDer I'm always researching and learning new ways to make my everyday life a little easier.  I wanted to share some practical gift ideas I think the adult ADHDer in your life will love!

1. WEIGHTED BLANKETS anxiety and adhd often go together and these blankets have been known to help with anxiety

2. KEYMAIL HOLDER keeping important items in a central location is a game changer

3. NON DATED JOURNAL pre-dated pages can be so overwhelming..a blank journal allows your ADHDer to pick up where they left off whenever they want

4. MULTPLE CHARGING STATION keeping up with cords and chargers is one of the biggest struggles in our everyday life

5. TAKE-N-SLIDE MEDICATION TRACKER this little tool takes the 2nd guessing out of the "did I take my meds today?" conversation 


When looking for a gift for your ADHDer, look for items that add value to their space.  Practical things for organization clutter are always my go tos.  I hope this helps!  Thank you for visiting

xoxo Kristal

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