Summer Camp Trunks

Summer Camp Trunks

It's that time of year again!  This year I wanted the footlocker trunks for packing.  It took me a few days to commit because when I saw the price I was a little taken aback!  With triplets, everything is multiplied so at $120ish a trunk X3.....woah!  So I went on a hunt.  The boys didn't want teal-mint or pink so now I need darker colors.  I wanted some with wheels because I know parking and cabins aren't a hop skip and a jump!  Also, I wanted the lids to be attached, because.....I'm a mom and less things DETACHED is always better!  In the two days I found these trunks and  actually clicked the buy button the price jumped $20+.  So I'm sharing to help you, if you're looking, you better hurry!  Have the best week!


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